So Energy and The Vulnerability Commitment

The Vulnerability Commitment was launched by Energy UK in December 2020, and is open to all energy suppliers. It’s a pledge to go beyond our licence obligations to do everything we can to provide extra help to any customers that need it, and we’re enormously proud to be a founding signatory.

The Commitment focuses on three areas, namely accessibility, innovation and collaboration.

As a signatory, we’ll be sticking to 14 commitments, which include:

  • Making contacting us as easy as possible, including offering paper bills should a customer need them.
  • Collaborate with Energy UK and other suppliers to produce best practice guides for using smart technology.
  • Assigning a Vulnerability Champion at board level who will be responsible for overseeing and driving these commitments.
  • Informing customers on ways to make their home more energy efficient and cheaper to power.
  • Ensuring customers have easy access to independent financial advice.
  • Gathering feedback from customers to make sure we’re doing everything we can.

The full details of The Vulnerability Commitment can be found here.

We’ve updated the form through which customers can apply to be on our Priority Services Register, and we’ve made a start on the research we’ll be carrying out throughout 2021.

We have lots of information on our website offering energy efficiency advice, please see the article on energy saving tips. We are also a participant of the Energy Company Obligation Scheme, aimed at helping low-income and priority households reduce their heating costs by installing energy-efficiency measures.

We’ll have more updates along the way, but for now we’re delighted to be able to be a part of something that will make life easier for customers across the energy industry.

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